Community fostered.
Harvested wild.
Quality unmatched.
And handpicked for you.

About Us


Community Fostered.

DeNotta Seafood Company is as much an idea, as it is a company. Over the past decade we have measured our success not by the dollar earned, but by the relationships cultivated and maintained. We harvest our oysters wild, off land owned by our community on the Hood Canal. DeNotta Seafood is sustainable, community-fostered agriculture at its very best. Our unique approach offers you not only the freshest oysters, but also the knowledge that you are part of a new perspective on seafood harvesting.

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Harvested Wild.

You might be asking yourself, so what? At DeNotta Seafood we believe wild matters! And you can taste the difference for yourself. Each oyster we harvest is hand picked just for you, often the same day your order comes in. Wild oysters take a bit longer to grow, resulting in a higher quality product for the same price as farmed oysters. Because we harvest our oysters wild, we can provide you with different sizes depending on your needs.


Our Products

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"The DeNottas do an incredible job harvesting oysters on our beach. People get to enjoy some of the best oysters in the world and we have a much tidier beach! It's a win-win."

— Hood Canal Customer


Quality Unmatched.

Good oysters more than just taste good, they are good for you. Did you know oysters have more zinc than any other food? Oysters are heart healthy, lower cholesterol, and are a great source of essential nutrients. At DeNotta Seafood you will receive high quality oysters, picked just for you. We track every oyster harvested so you can trust the quality of our products every time you order.

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Staying connected to our community and customers is vital to our ability to bring you the best, wild harvested oysters. Our relationships come first, and we want to hear from you.

Supporting the community that supports us is part of our sustainable practices. For more information on our charitable giving please see our About page.

If you want to connect with us about buying our wild harvest oysters or benefitting from your beach’s shellfish please fill out the form below or give us a call.

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