Our People

Duane and Caron DeNotta believe strong community, hard work, and lasting relationships are the foundation of a successful business. Over the past decade, DeNotta Seafood has become known for not only the highest quality seafood, but for also treating our customers and employees like family. All year long, you can find us busy harvesting up and down the canal. It’s in our blood. Caron was born and raised on the canal, and Duane has lived in Belfair for many years. Together, we created DeNotta Seafood and we are proud it has become an integral part of the local community.


Our Products


We have two, five, and ten dozen bags of oysters and five, ten and twenty-five pound bags of manila clams. Our shellfish are harvested wild, and often delivered the same day. We offer a large variety of oysters, below are a few of our favorites!

Bald Point – Small, sweet, with a low brininess. Delicate but with a touch of sass from fighting the tides.

Dabob Bay – Rough shelled on the outside, with a bold brininess on the inside. This oyster comes in like a lion and out like a lamb with a smooth melon finish.

Dosewallips – Where the river meets the canal is where you will find these gems. Cucumbery, sweet, and often large, these oysters are not to be missed.

Hammersley Inlet – Creamy, low brine, easy on the wallet and the pallet.

Hood Canal – This is what a Washington oyster is all about. Light taste, a bit of bitter melon finish. All you need is a squeeze of lemon, a cold drink, and a good friend to share them with.


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Our Charitable Giving

When you buy our oysters, you also take part in a larger effort to support the community that supports us. We support the following non-profit organizations: Turning Point (Shelton, WA), DePaul Treatment Center (Portland, OR), North Mason Food Bank, Multi-Service Center (Federal Way), Freedom House (Portland, OR), Salmon Enhancement Center, North Mason Student Fund, Mason County Chamber of Commerce, HUB Senior Center (Belfair, WA), Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association (PCSGA) and Freedom-13 (Kingston, WA).

Please connect with us by filling out this form or call us at 360-552-2085 for more information on our charitable giving opportunities.