Your Beaches

Partner with us to generate additional income!

At DeNotta Seafood, we know how important it is to maintain an attractive beach. We can access your beach by water, harvest oysters and clams, and leave with an extremely minimal footprint left behind. We can work with you on a one-time basis or develop on ongoing relationship. We focus on creating respectful relationships and offering a seamless experience for our partners. We maintain extremely accurate accounting records and provide timely payments to all our beachfront homeowners.

Certification Process

First things first, we want to talk with you and see your beach! A member of DeNotta Seafood will set up an appointment to inventory what oysters and clams are present on your property. Both parties review and complete a lease agreement. Upon receiving a signed agreement, DeNotta Seafood moves forward with the paperwork required for the state and acting Tribe.

A few things to know about us so we can work together successfully:

  • We always pay you on time. It’s a matter of respect!
  • DeNotta Seafood works year-round, that means both night and day tides, in the snow and sunshine! We can you call before coming over, especially on the
  • nighttime tides.
  • Our team strives to leave each homeowner with a positive experience, by respecting you and your property.
  • Culture is a huge part of our company. Being a small, family run operation, we pride ourselves on our team, hard work and ability to have fun. The DeNotta
  • team has been together for over 10 years.
  • We want the Canal to thrive. It’s our home too. We take care of our beaches and the beautiful tidelands that we work on.
  • If you are ready to certify your beach or would like more information, we would love to speak with you! Please email us or call our office at 360-552-2085.

Tribal Interaction - Valuing People and Relationship

The beach certification process has evolved over time and so has the involvement of local Tribes. Our team has made it a top priority to build and maintain strong relationships with the local Tribal members. When we certify and produce harvest agreements, we treat each property as if it were our own. This approach has created a respectful relationship with our local Tribes in the Canal. Our culture is to treat all of our beach partners as vital members of our team.