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Fresh Pacific Oysters, d.d. DeNotta Seafood Company, is a family owned and operated company located in Belfair, Washington. Over the past 10 years the DeNotta family has established a reputation for being the most reliable harvester and supplier of fresh, flavorful, and safe seafood in the Pacific Northwest.

DeNotta Seafood, partners with local homeowners in order to harvest the freshest seafood possible. Individual beaches are accessed by water, and the harvesting is done while leaving as small of a footprint as possible. The seafood is then refrigerated and shipped to some of the largest distributors in the country within hours of leaving the beach. Eventually the clams and oysters reach the finest retailers and restaurants in the area.



DeNotta Seafood partners with both individuals and companies in order to run a successful business. If you are interested in purchasing seafood or learning more about how you can generate additional income by allowing Denotta Seafood access to clams and oysters on your waterfront property please call 360.552.2085 or email DeNotta Seafood Company


Call 360.552.2085 or email: Fresh Seafood, Fresh Oysters



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